SESAL LAB is an R&D company aiming to develop innovative solutions with innovative ideas and products, to establish cooperation between Universities and Industry, to provide consultancy or service opportunities to individuals or companies in projects or R&D studies, especially by developing solutions for the problems of individuals or companies in the industrial field. SESAL LAB has been conducting academic studies for many years. With the support of the KOSGEB Project in 2020, it aims to contribute to the transfer of academic knowledge to industry. Fields of activities range from Microbiology-Molecular Biology-based ground hardening to active drug substance identification from various sources.

The SESAL LAB team has carried out many national and international projects since 2013. Our team has the potential to develop projects in many different fields and has increased its international cooperations in recent years. While our team conducts cooperation projects with Japan, Italy, Korea and Spain, it also interacts with many international teams. Moreover, it continues its cooperation with experienced academics from different disciplines from Bogazici University, Bahcesehir University, Istanbul University, Yeditepe University, Kadir Has University, Istanbul Aydin University. Internationally, Korea Sunchon University, Japan Akita Perfectoral University, Italy CNR- Napoli, Spain Barcelona University are among the partners. The foundations of the companies named Biotek Tarım, Nanomik and Ultrases were laid in SESAL Lab. Malatya Pazarı-Palancı, SANKARA, SEM and Lightmaster are among our industry partners.


SESAL LAB has a rich academic background with numerous scientific publications in international and national high-impact factor journals, posters and oral presentations at congresses, master's and doctoral thesis studies. Specialists work in the field within SESAL LAB, and our team is getting stronger with the participation of individuals who are volunteering and working with a team spirit. New members of our team are subjected to pre-training in order to protect the principle, ethics and quality of the Lab.


SESAL LAB has state-of-the-art equipment and equipment that focuses on quality, innovative, solution-oriented, fast and reliable R&D studies specific to the problems of individuals or companies. In addition to general lab equipment, SESAL LAB has advanced technological devices like Cytation 3, which can measure luminoscence, fluorescence and absorbance, Real Time PCR, DNA-RNA protein imaging systems in the field of molecular biology. Experiments related to Microbiology, Cell Culture tests, Plant Research studies, Molecular Biology and Genetic Tests, extraction and chromatographic methods are carried out within the scope of the laboratory or with the help of our partners to isolate active substances from biosources such as plants and lichens.


SESAL LAB has set out with the aim of constantly renewing itself and performing more successful studies with each passing day. With its R&D and Scientific Infrastructure, Scientific Solutions to Industrial Problems, Projects for Innovative Ideas and Products and R&D Consultancy / Service Support, SESAL LAB, your Innovative Solution Partner, also collaborates with universities. SESAL LAB can contribute in many fields such as patents and business excellence.



To solve sectoral problems with a focus on Molecular Microbiology. SESAL LAB aims to take place in Turkey and World market by bringing together multidisciplinary fields like Engineering, Textile, Construction, Pharmacy, Medicine, Botany, Chemistry and Biology through industry and university partnerships.

In order to enable our academic knowledge to be used in different fields in industry we aim to , increase the competitiveness of our country both scientifically and industrially, reduce foreign dependency, and to create an environment for R&D studies. Considering the constantly developing technology and increasing needs, SESAL LAB's role is to provide scientific solutions for industrial problems, innovative projects and r&d consultancy/support to develop innovative ideas and products.



To be a multidisciplinary and multinational improvement company in R&D and / or UR-GE solution partnership based on the needs of the sectors and to direct social and industrial change through scientific development and change.