• Microbiological Solutions to Industrial Problems
    Microbiological Solutions to Industrial Problems

    Scientific Solutions Partnership with the Support of Experts from Different Disciplines

  • Civil Engineering Industry
    Civil Engineering Industry


  • Cosmetics Industry
    Cosmetics Industry

    Toothpaste Additeves: Coffee Waste

  •  Agriculture Industry
    Agriculture Industry

    Biological Control

    Potato Beetle (L. decemlineata)

  •  Agriculture Industry
    Agriculture Industry

    Microbial Fertilizer

    Soil Improvement and Plant Growth

  • Food Industry
    Food Industry

    Edible Mushroom Rarering

  • Food Industry
    Food Industry


    Fermented and Antidiabetic Coffee



  • Food Industry
    Food Industry

    Reducing Aflatoxin Amount on Nuts

  • Textile Industry
    Textile Industry

    Faux Leather Production

  • Textile Industry
    Textile Industry


    Bacterial Pigment Production



  • Energy Industry
    Energy Industry

    Bioenergy Production

  • Pharmaceutical industry
    Pharmaceutical industry



    From Marmara and Bahçeşehir Universities

    5 Patents Licensing



SESAL LAB provides industrial solutions partnership with Turkey's leading universities specialized in various disciplines, experienced academics and business associations.

In addition, SESAL LAB provides microbiology-oriented R&D solution support with scientific perspective and equipped laboratory infrastructure required for product development with international collaborations and University-Industry collaborations.

Project Consultancy

Within SESAL LAB, many projects have been successfully completed and others ongoing with our expert staff specialized in developing innovative ideas and realizing them by writing and executing projects.

Scientific Solutions Partnership

SESAL LAB, together with World and Turkey's leading universities and academics with experts in various disciplines, develops scientific and innovative solutions to problems through national and international collaborations.

R&D Consultancy

SESAL LAB, with its scientific point of view and equipped laboratory infrastructure required for product development, provides clear, fast solution-oriented R&D support that is adapted to production in different scales.

Please contact us for detailed information about SESAL LAB services and projects.


Our services

Innovative, Solution-Oriented, Individual or company-specific approach, Scientific approach to problems with expert researchers, reliable and fast R&D support with well-equipped laboratory infrastructure.

Identifying the Source of the Problem

SESAL LAB focuses its studies on identifying the source of the problem correctly in industrial fields.


SESAL LAB carries out detailed and scientific analysis studies for individuals or companies.

Solution Oriented Ideas

SESAL LAB aims to develop multidisciplinary ideas for the solution of analyzed problems with the support of innovative and expert researchers.

Prototype Development

SESAL LAB provides the opportunity to develop prototypes for ideas and products with its equipped laboratory infrastructure, from both scientific and product design perspective.


SESAL LAB tests the ideas or products under appropriate conditions with its unique perspective and equipment possibilities and prepares them for application.


SESAL LAB ensures the industrial-scale applicability of prototype products and plays a role in preparing them for mass production.

Our Projects